Spiritual Books By Our teachers

Welcome to our collection of profound spirituality books crafted by our esteemed teachers. Here, you will embark on a transformative journey through the realms of inner wisdom, enlightenment, and self-discovery. Our carefully curated selection of books is a testament to the deep insights and profound experiences shared by our revered teachers. Whether you're seeking to explore ancient philosophies, understand mindfulness practices, or delve into the mysteries of existence, these books offer a guiding light. Each page is an invitation to explore the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, and to awaken a deeper understanding of the universe and your place within it. Join us in embracing these teachings, as they illuminate the path to spiritual growth and holistic well-being. Begin your exploration today and uncover the timeless wisdom that awaits within these pages.

Insights & Illuminations

Unleash Your Playful Soul
by Gwen Peterson

There are certain rules in life that apply to everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from. These universal rules can help us make better choices and live more fulfilling lives.

The Darien Chronicles

Objects for Reflection,  A Journey into Love.  A trilogy
by Steven Howard

  • Part One- In the Beginning
  • Part Two- Into the Wasteland
  • Part Three- Moving Into the Light

Finding Inner Peace

by Steven Howard

This booklet explores the phenomenon of peace, how it can be defined, how it feels and expresses itself in our lives, and what seems to cause us to lose touch with it.

What's Your Story

and does it still serve you?
by Steven Howard

This booklet offers the reader the opportunity to examine his/her own life story via a series of written exercises in a manner that avoids judgment and allows for an objective examination of some of the limiting beliefs that play out in life unconsciously.

Embracing Change

by Steven Howard

  • This book sheds some light on what the blocks and obstacles to change are and offers insight, practical steps to take, and written exercises for the reader to complete.

Silly Me!

A path to self-acceptance
by Steven Howard

This book offers a fresh, new path to understanding how judgment stands in the way of our fully and joyfully loving ourselves and others, warts and all!


the Gateway into Knowing
by Steven Howard

If you have old dreams that are collecting dust in the recesses of your mind which have left you wishing you could turn them from “pipe dreams” into a reality, then this book for you.

Living in the Moment

by Steven Howard

  • Living in the Moment offers insights and easy-to-follow steps to recognize whether one is living in “the present moment” or actually stuck in the past or future.

Astrology 4 Purpose, Power & Perspective

A Primer for the Seven Rays
& the Work of Alice Bailey
by John Lawrence Maerz

A complete compendium of the planets, signs & house meanings, Moon phases & nodes, major & minor aspects, with a cookbook style Seven Rays applications by house & sign.

Tarot: The Astrological Layout

A Comprehensive Guide for Integrating Astrology, Tarot and Numerology
by John Lawrence Maerz

Combines the tarot cards & the houses in astrology. Separates areas of life into 12 compartments. Find family members easily. Includes numerological meanings. Uses layers for timing.

144 Wealth Codes

to unlock the abundance within
by Sarah Sparks

  • Unlocking these wealth codes brings us the time and money freedom we have been asking for. 144 Wealth Codes to Unlock the Abundance Within gives people a different perspective on life. 


Life's Mirror of Vibration
by John Lawrence Maerz

Enjoy a straight-forward, down to earth integration of our birthdate, name & timing to give a quick but thorough understanding of the people we encounter in our everyday lives.

Truth Beyond

by Rev. Judi Weaver

Welcome to the city of Telos, home of the ancient Lemurian race. They have been waiting for millennia inside their mountain sanctuary, after the dramatic destruction of their homeland during the creation of the modern-day continents, to share their story.

Guided by Your Light

by Rev. Judi Weaver

  • This is a unique workbook that is channeled from Spirit. Through special activities, it is designed to assist you to look within and to get a better understanding of yourself and your relationship with God the Creator.