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Experiencing quarantine fatigue is more common than you think
by Yvonne Taunton 

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many Americans have been ordered to work from home and change their daily routines. Nearly seven months into the pandemic, some have gone back to the office, while others are still working from home while also assisting their children with virtual learning. This drastic change in lifestyle has caused shifts in the ups and downs of emotions and a lack of motivation. Ben McManus, Ph.D., assistant director of the Translational Research for Injury Prevention — TRIP — Laboratory at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, says

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Yes, ‘Quarantine Fatigue’ Is Real. Here’s How to Cope.

With the comforting routines of day-to-day life disrupted, most experts suggest creating new routines. Physical fitness is something that could fall by the wayside with gyms closed and people cooped up at home. “A lot of people aren’t exercising, so it’s very easy to get into a sedentary lifestyle, which can contribute to not sleeping well at night, which contributes to fatigue during the daytime,” Fristad said. To combat this, Fristad suggests sticking to some kind of routine or schedule, even if it isn’t as rigid as the pre-pandemic norm.

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