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Free Metaphysical Classes in the Community Classroom
Introduction to the metaphysical world has never been easier with these free online classes. Learn all about the tools, techniques, and resources available to explore such topics as spirituality, healing energy, parapsychology, astrology and more.

Learn About Different Instructors and Schools 
One great way to understand metaphysical studies is to explore the different courses offered by various instructors and schools. These can range from energy healing techniques such as Reiki to meditation and astral projection, to exploration of the tarot cards and their meanings. Each instructor or school will have its own distinct approach and techniques, so it’s important to do your research before committing to any course or school.  The SCN Community Classrooms are a great way to do just that.  Our free Classroom let's you explore a topic and get to know our teachers and what they have to offer.  Students are then able to follow up with the instructors to learn more about a given topic.

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"Just a word of encouragement to thank you for what you have made and are making of SCN to the benefit of our community! It was a joy to have a small part in your early days, and we continue to remember you in our prayers, as you help so many! Peace and Joy to you in your expanding endeavors!"


Nurturing the Tapestry of Spiritual Growth and Community with Gwen Peterson

In a world where the journey of spiritual growth can often be solitary and challenging, Gwen Peterson emerges as a guiding light, illuminating the path with her profound wisdom and compassionate leadership. As the visionary Founder of the Spiritual Communities Network, Gwen has dedicated herself to creating a sanctuary of shared exploration and mutual support for both spiritual seekers and teachers. Her journey, shaped by an unwavering commitment to her Soul’s guidance, has also led her to the realm of authorship, where her recent book “Insights & Illuminations” serves as a beacon of insight for those navigating the realms of personal and spiritual development. Join us in this interview feature on MysticMag as we delve into Gwen’s journey, her perspectives on spiritual community, and the profound messages within her latest literary offering.