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Are you ready to tap into your spiritual side and unlock a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you?

Spiritual Journeys to Explore

Are you ready to tap into your spiritual side and unlock a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you? With these 4 free online spiritual learning courses, you can explore various philosophies and techniques from the comfort of your own home. Get started today on your journey of self-discovery!
Take a tour of spiritual practices. Investigate different forms of meditation, ritual, and ceremony. Examine practices such as astrology, alchemy, dream interpretation, and shamanism. Compare the varied ways in which people approach spirituality and find out which spiritual paths could be right for you!
The Freezer Method - Someone or some thing bothering you? Why not use your freezer. Yes, your freezer. It is a great way to let go of things that no longer serve you. A quick and fun way to cut cords or attachments. Gwen Peterson is a metaphysical teacher, intuitive, author and spiritual Mentor offering guidance into spirituality and Soul Work. Her program supports all levels of awareness of spirituality.
Stepping Into a New You in 5D- A guided visualization taking you into your heart sanctuary where you will meet up with your Higher Self and be moved up to the next aspect of your higher potential that you are ready for. Nancy Robbins is a Psychic Medium, Energy Worker, teacher, writer, speaker and artist. She creates energy products and tools for her company Elements Design Collection.
Transforming Emotional Trauma - How to navigate through your karma and why. We'll discuss magnetics, the energy that defines our life path. Soul integration technique shared, we'll also work on an emotional issue that is currently playing out in your life. Paul Quinton has been involved in the esoteric all of his life, he's a healer teacher channel, and writer. Paul assists souls to assist themselves. Transforming human conditioning. He has a Patented Modality
Tapping into The Freedom Frequency - Learn how to “Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life” in this interactive class to foster and deepen your experience of peaceful balance in every moment. We will be using tapping, essential oils, and meditation to Inspire Everyday Mindfulness. Denise Flood created Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life, a self-care program that incorporates decades of learning and teaching how to live a more vibrant, elevated life.
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