Welcome to Wellness

Are you ready to begin your journey to wellness?

Wellness can look like a lot of things.  Maybe you want to improve on something physical or maybe you are in pain.  Your doctor has scared you with a diagnosis or you know you need to make changes in your life.
No matter the reason you are here, we have wonderful energy healers to support you in that journey back to wellness.
Your body knows wellness and sometimes we need assistance in allowing it to find its way.
There are many modalities and practitioners.  Take your time to find the one who resonates with you.
You are probably asking how do I start a wellness journey.
Look below and visit their websites or interview them.  
Still not sure, send an email to me and I will see what I can do.

Gwen Peterson 
Founder of Spiritual Communities Network
Mentor of Insights and Illuminations

Tip: Take time to get to know the person you are going to work with and explore what your needs are with them.


Rev. Valerie Johnston
Naples, SWFL
[email protected]
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