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Mary Ellen is the creator and coordinator of Sanctuary Productions & Spirit Fest Metaphysical fairs. She has spent over 30 years researching Ancient Civilizations, Reincarnation, and World Religions. A teacher herself, as well as a facilitator of classes since 2004, she has interacted with many notable teachers, speakers and authors. She currently has achieved the status of producing of the largest Metaphysical / healing events in Florida.

The Sanctuary History

The Sanctuary originated in November, 2005 as a one day Conscious Living Fair in Memphis, Tennessee by creator and founder Mary Ellen Popyk. It was determined there was great interest in more events and learning opportunities, so a few practitioners joined Mary Ellen for other events. Next thing we knew, we had a physical space for a retail store and community center. The Sanctuary hosted a Monday night reiki-share, where the local reiki teachers had their newly certified reiki practioners practice their healing skills free of charge for the community. We also had monthly Science and Spirit lecture series, which turned into an official Institute of Noetic Sciences group with many high-level subjects discussed.

At our peak we had 17 practitioners working under the umbrella, serving the community. We had many awesome speakers such as Lee Carroll who channels Kryon, author of "Disappearance of the Universe" Gary Renard, Adventurer Explorer and Researcher Jerry Wills, Reincarnation Researcher and Cosmologist Paul von Ward, Bio-Intrinsic Energy Pioneer Edd Edwards, and many more.

The physical location in Memphis was turned over to several practitioners at the end of 2012 when Mary Ellen relocated back to Florida, who keeps The Sanctuary for Mind, Body, and Spirit going with both a virtual presence and at exciting events located around the central Florida area. Some of the original practitioners remain involved, and other Florida local practitioners have joined the mind/body/spirit movement to bring you more information, resources, and opportunities to meet with others of like mind!