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Spirit Con 2020
The Energy of Healing

Every year on November 11th we celebrate our birthday with you.
This year is The Energy of Healing. Live. Online. 11 am-7:30 pm est. Save the date.

Countdown to Spirit Con 2020

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Energy of Healing Sessions

30 minutes group sessions on the hour from 11 am to 7 pm. Join us for one or join us for all. But register now by clicking the green button above.

11 am
Just Say No to Opioids
with Kristi Oen

Do you have chronic pain? Are you searching for a miracle? You are not alone...and you have come to the right place! During this interactive, healing class we will first break through the mindset that is keeping you stuck and in pain. Second, we will open up the healing pathways of your body spiritually. Finally, you will be introduced to the BEMER, a German medical device that is life-changing. You deserve a happy and healthy life. Join us and see what miracles happen!

Unlocking The Power of Self Healing
with Valerie Johnston

Stuck? Stressed? Struggling? Take control and direction of your life. Learn to shift beliefs and create greater well being. Discover the hidden joys on your path. Join me on a miraculous journey of self healing and revealing the healer within you.

1 pm
Energy in Motion
with Heather Phillips

 Envision steel wool! It's rough, kinky and goes in all directions. Sometimes our unbalanced energy can make us feel rough, kinky and going in all directions too. Together we will untangle and smooth out your energy so you can have better direction, be more productive and just feel better.

2 pm
Self Healing Using Your Innate Technology
with Sacred Transformations

 Master your bodies two inner technologies that are the ultimate key to feeling energized and activated. While you are healing it can be tough to do all the things you want to do. When you master the topics discussed in this presentation you will speed up your healing and get back to deeply enjoying your life.

3 pm
2020 – Reset the Year for Greater Vitality
with Denise Flood

An interactive Class that will allow us to Reset our Mindy-Body-Spirit through tapping (EFT), Essential Oils and meditative prayer work. Essential Oils suggested to have on hand: Frankincense, Myrrh, any Citrus Oils,

4 pm
Angel Healing-10 Things the Angels Want You to Know
with Sandra McGill

 Angels are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. An informative talk on connecting to your angels and how they really care about you. Join Sandra as she will share an angel healing during this talk. ​​​​​​​

5 pm
Learn How To Feel Better! 
with Cecilia Comperatore

Learn how to change things in your life to help make you feel more vibrant and full of life! I will show you how to make your own roller ball AND I will be giving away a roller ball blend to support your mood as well as a bottle of DOTERRA’S uplifting Wild Orange Essential Oil. I love to share my passion for essential oils while educating and empowering others on their uses and how they can change lives!

6 pm
The Healing Light!
with Michelle Love 

Healing Light? Where? When? How? Free! Easy! Simple! Powerful! To good to be true? No, its true! Come and Hear, Feel and Envision the Light that Heals! I am serious, a do it yourself technique that is simple and easy to do in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you wish. When ever its convenient for you!

7 pm
Angelic Energy Healing 
with Amber Celestial Angel

Angelic Energy Healing With Angelic Energy Healing we engulf our minds and bodies into the energy of the Angels! Clearing is needed to balance all aspects of YOU. Once balanced, you are open and ready to receive all of your messages from the highest Divine Love! Straight from this beautiful energy source, Angels give personal guidance and insight into any situation.

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