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Become an Electrician for the Body to help increase flexibility, mobility, energy, vitality while reducing pain.

About Us

Heather Phillips, HBPE, is an author, speaker, mentor, Director and Vice President of Muscle Tuners International Inc. She is a Muscle Tuner® Specialist and created a program for Muscle Tuners International Inc. called Energy Boost Self-Care Specialist program. She teaches both Programs. She is a member of, the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Company of Women and a Lifetime Global Member of FemCity. She provides business insights to the organizations she is involved with and the participants of the Specialist Program with MTI Inc.
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About the MuscleTuners Specialist Program

Self-Care & Professional Programs

We help people like you reduce pain and gain strength and confidence, either for yourself, or for clients that you serve.

Energy Boost Series

Energy Boost Series - 5 FREE Tips

* Improve focus and concentration
* Sharpen your senses Increase flexibility
* Support cleansing and detoxification
* Increase physical energy
* Improve sleep

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