What is Community Classrooms?

Each month we invite one of our members into the classroom to share with you their specialty for 30 min.  
Learn how to meditate, use crystals or essential oils.  Maybe a new healing modality has your interest.
It is always free, live and online.  Just RSVP and you will receive the link to join us on zoom and a reminder email the day of.

Essential Oils 101- Frankincense

with Cecilia Comperatore

Tips on how to use this oil safely for yourself and in your home. Cecilia is a Certified Essential Oils Coach. She uses oils to improve her health and well-being and loves educating people on their use and applications and how they can help improve their lives.

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Up level Your Relationship; Shine Your Light July 22

Tapping Into Your Personal Divine Wealth Frequency

with Denise Flood

An invitation from Source: Tune in and Tune up in this interactive Class. Together We will explore and amplify Our Personal Divine Wealth Frequencies. Tapping out thoughts, beliefs and habits that keep us from stepping fully into our Birthright.

Denise Flood has 35 years of experience learning and teaching Energy work. Founder of Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life, a self-care program that brings clients more vitality and joy of living.

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Up level Your Relationship; Shine Your Light July 22

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Thursday nights don't work for you or something came up?  Maybe you want to see it again?

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