What is Community Classrooms?

Each month we invite one of our members into the classroom to share with you their specialty for 30 min.  
Learn how to meditate, use crystals or essential oils.  Maybe a new healing modality has your interest.
It is always free, live and online.  Just RSVP and you will receive the link to join us on zoom and a reminder email the day of.

Dimensional Healing Lesson at Pyramid of Luxor

with Cecilia Comperatore

Experience a multi-dimensional healing lesson with spiritual guardians and the galactic doctor. This is open to those who are interested in learning a new healing practice or if you’d like to learn how to heal yourself.

Kelly Rogers is a shaman and seer, guided by the archangels and ascended masters. She shares ways to maintain your vibrational wellness and is now teaching this healing experience at Luxor.

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Up level Your Relationship; Shine Your Light July 22

Tapping into The Freedom Frequency

Learn how to “Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life” in this interactive class to foster and deepen your experience of peaceful balance in every moment. We will be using tapping, essential oils, and meditation to Inspire Everyday Mindfulness.

Denise Flood created Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life, a self-care program that incorporates decades of learning and teaching how to live a more vibrant, elevated life. deniseflood.com

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Harness the Cosmic Power of Bija Mantras July 15

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