What is Community Classrooms?

Each month we invite one of our members into the classroom to share with you their specialty for 30 min.  
Learn how to meditate, use crystals or essential oils.  Maybe a new healing modality has your interest.
It is always free, live and online.  Just RSVP and you will receive the link to join us on zoom and a reminder email the day of.

Meet Your Feminine & Masculine Aspects

with Nancy Robbins

This is a time of harmony between the Divine Feminine & Masculine energies. In order to create harmony for the world, we must begin within. A guided visualization will be provided to meet your masculine and feminine aspects and learn their strengths and be empowered to manifest your heart's desires and soul mission.

Nancy is a psychic/medium, energy healer, author, speaker, and artist who works with her Council of Guides to create her products for her company - Elements Design Collection.

Free. Live. Online.

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Up level Your Relationship; Shine Your Light July 22

O.P.E.N. Y.O.U.R. H.E.A.R.T.

with Steve Howard

An acronym which embodies thirteen actions, that if taken every day, can transform your life and bring you an experience of joy, connection with others and the world around you, and a sense of peace.

Steven Howard has been on a personal spiritual journey for more than eight decades, his own spiritual awakening occurring in 1973. He is a spiritual teacher, certified Quantum Living coach, and author.

Free. Live. Online.

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Up level Your Relationship; Shine Your Light July 22

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